Travel 2021 – Anything New on the Horizon?

2020 is finally in the rear view window – Good riddance! Everyone has had their issues, so I won’t gripe. To say 2021 has started off on shaky ground would probably be a bit of an understatement, so let’s go with Yay – It’s February!

It’s encouraging to see that vaccines are becoming available, but by no means do I think we’ll be doing much, if any, traveling this year. This is shaping up to be a “go for a ride and pack a picnic lunch” kind of year.

Though we won’t be traveling, we have been doing some talking about where we might be going when we are ready. We have been keeping a couple things in mind while talking – how can we maximize the credits we have with the travel company and Air Canada.

So just for the sake of conversation, here’s what we have tumbling around where our brains used to be:

Return to Italy:

Not to just retrace our steps from previous trips, but this time we’ll do a little more exploring. To tie in with the genealogical research I’ve been doing, we would like to start in Sicily. There would be plenty to see and do there, plus a visit to my paternal grandmother’s family home in Vicari would be interesting. After Sicily, we could travel north- perhaps catching a little more of Rome, before hitting Orvieto, Tuscany and perhaps, even another visit to Piedmont.

We love the small Italian towns and there are some pretty ones in Tuscany. Most of the places we are interested in would be accessible by train, so we could minimize or eliminate the need to rent a car.

Burgundy Wine Region:

A visit back to France is high on our list. This time, we would visit the Burgundy wine region and include a Canal Cruise and Tour. This is very enticing – food, wine and relaxation, plus a “cruise” where I wouldn’t be afraid of getting lost at sea.

We’ve been to the area just enough to get acquainted, so there would be many things to see and plenty of splendid wines to drink. We could include the champagne region, the chablis region and the Côte de Beaune. And of course, a few days in Paris at the beginning or end would be soul-soothing.

Christmas Markets in Germany:

Having never been to Germany, this would be a completely new experience. This could again be tied in to my genealogical research or it could just be fun to get away and enjoy the holidays in Germany. We enjoyed the Christmas Markets in Austria, so this definitely has some appeal.

I’m not sure how easy it is to get around by train in Germany, since driving in the winter is definitely not on my to-do list. Giant pretzels, roasted nuts and Glüwein while walking around in the lightly falling snow paints a very nice picture in my mind!

There are a few others, but those are our top three for now. There will be so many factors to take into consideration, but a guy can dream – right?

We did have one really “out of this world” discussion. Space-X is said to be aiming for 2022 to begin trips on the Space Express. A thrilling space flight with two orbits of the planet would definitely be a once in a lifetime experience. The only drawback is the $250,000 per person price tag. Think of the wine we’d have to give up, Honey! Honey wants to keep an eye out for a coupon.

So that’s the mindset here in Buffalo. If we could only get COVID to cooperate! “Poke me, Dr. Danno!”

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4 Responses to Travel 2021 – Anything New on the Horizon?

  1. Debbie M says:

    Hi there It is debbie (I know y’allOready knew that ). Well, thank you for bringing normalcy into my life. So refreshing . to think about those places–I remember the photo’s i got from you guys at the CHristmas Market that you were at. I remember thinking i see people in warm coats yet the whole scene looked so warm — don’t ask me to explain it was just nice- maybe you had a hot toddy in your hand with a demi cover on it (the Lighting –the photo’s everyone so close to each other -kind of comfy cozy they all looked). BUT now–that was before all the Pandemic. Please know I really like reading all of the thoughts about where to go —when it can be done safely. I applaud loud , cuz make no mistake about it– it was great to picture those spots. I just want to say I remember a big either bus or train –was public (I mean i did not own it– ha ha lil joke). but It went through the BLack Forest area and no, i don’t remember where i was going to or coming from . But it was beautiful. (I know you guys need cool places–not just an ole forest.) I just thought i would throw my 2 cents in. NOw look at what just came up on my screen. but how who touch the animal…ou,yike read on: but before ya read on–please know THis is happening in “Black Forest National park”….and i looked at the park in photo and said “Yep, looks like a forest” 🙂 PS…YOU have so got my curiosity–am eager to hear all about newfound and old found details on your ancestry in Germany. Night for now. I seemed to have tuckered myself out. I am excited about seeing you guys when I can be allowed to come & crash.. Sue and I did discuss a bit of an idea that i thought may be fun for me to treat ya guys—– all while ya stayed in the luxury of your own home…….. and no lifting a finger. Now your mind can not hear any more…but loved your Travel notes. Until we all get to meet again. debbie

    [image: Black Forest, Germany, woman with two alpacas in a snow covered forest]

    Safe winter fun: Stephanie Ketterer is allowed to offer hiking tours with her alpacas

    “It’s simply bizarre,” says Eva Schwind of the day she has planned, “but also something very special!” Like many people, she and her family have been struggling with cabin fever amid the coronavirus lockdown. Now, they finally get to go do something different — they are renting a whole ski slope to themselves for a few hours. “We’ve been looking forward to it all week! I look at my kids and see the delight in their faces, even in my 20-year-old. Normality at last. Getting out of the house. Not just going for a walk, but almost like it used to be.”

    On Wed, Feb 3, 2021 at 4:41 PM Slightly Whirled – A Traveler’s Tales wrote:

    > herktrav posted: ” 2020 is finally in the rear view window – Good > riddance! Everyone has had their issues, so I won’t gripe. To say 2021 has > started off on shaky ground would probably be a bit of an understatement, > so let’s go with Yay – It’s February! It’s encouragin” >

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    • herktrav says:

      Deb… Always glad to help. I have been re-reading my own blog and remembering some of the great places we visited. The Christmas Markets in Austria were amazing and made me feel really invigorated. It was a tad chilly at times, but a cup of hot Glüwein removed the chill. I keep reading about the amazing markets in Germany and what a great experience it is. A vaccination will make it a possibility, as long as the Germans also have the vaccine and actually open the markets. A fella can dream, right?


  2. Marta says:

    Do you think it will be possible to travel at the end of the year? I surely hope so. I just want to go to see my family and friends in Spain…

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    • herktrav says:

      Hi Marta… I’m not sure, but I’m hoping. It will all depend on the availability of the vaccines. I think some places will be better at administering them and re-opening travel. Others, in my opinion, won’t and that will make it less safe. I’m hoping the EU follows through with their plans – that will make it safe for both of us! Stay well.. Tom

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