About us

We are a retired couple who love to travel and share our travel tales and pictures with friends.  Our goals on trips are to experience new places, see beautiful sites, learn about customs and culture and mingle with people.  We also love food and wine, so don’t be surprised by a few meal reviews here and there.

Enjoying the Alps in Switzerland

We have a few places that we want to visit over the next few years, some are new places and some are places we’ve been before and really enjoyed.

Locations in Italy, France and Switzerland, where we’ve had wonderful experiences, are at the top of the list. A few days is not enough to immerse oneself, so I can predict a couple longer duration trips in the future. As for new places, here are a few we’ve penciled in:

  • France – Champagne and Burgundy Regions
  • Portugal
  • Greece and Malta
  • Germany – Moselle or Rhein River Cruise
  • Argentina
  • Switzerland
  • Japan

We look forward to traveling abroad a couple times a year while we’re both healthy. There are so many fantastic places to visit, foods and wines to drink and life to enjoy – the only real cap is time itself.

Hope you enjoy browsing the pages.  Feel free to leave comments or questions.

PS: This blog is for memories and sharing them. It’s not monetized in any way, nor do I want it to be. Any links provided are to make it easier for you to check out accommodations, restaurants, attractions, and other services that we thought were worthwhile.