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China – October 2020

One year from today, we will be traveling to China. There are so many wonderful things that we want to see and experience. Over the next year, I’ll tell you about the process and our itinerary. We are working with … Continue reading

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Piedmont – Day 10 – Final day in Alba

Both couples needed a chill day. David and I both talked about being tuckered out and Jan and Dave still have another eight days to go. In the early afternoon we met up with Valerie and Martina to pass on … Continue reading

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Piedmont – Day 9 – A day in Turin

Ok, right off the bat, I promise – no cheap jokes about how our tour was ‘shrouded’ in mystery. We woke up early to catch the train to Turin, which is known as Torino in Italy. We met Luca at … Continue reading

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Piedmont – Day 7 – A Peek Below Alba

Another day to rest up a little bit as we’ll be staying around town. It felt good to sleep in a little bit again. When the alarm went off, it was the snooze button instead of the off button that … Continue reading

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Piedmont – Day 6 – Market day & Birthday

Saturday in Alba is the big market day; for us, it is the day we celebrate David’s birthday. Settante? Si! More on that later. We did sleep in a little bit today – I guess we either needed the rest … Continue reading

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Day 30 – Milan – DaVinci’s The Last Supper – Il Cenacola

We had to get up early today to get to the convent of Santa Maria delle Grazie. That’s where we picked up our tickets to view Leonardo DaVinci’s Last Supper or Il Cenacola. We had reservations for the 8:45 am … Continue reading

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Day 16 – Dust off the French, we’re heading to Lausanne

After a wonderful stay in Lauterbrunnen, today we travel to the French region of Switzerland. We’ll be staying in the town of Lausanne, taking boat rides on Lake Geneva and visiting the nearby vineyards. This morning we were up early … Continue reading

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