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Fall 2022 – It Won’t Be Long Now

It’s hard to believe, but our first international travel since before the pandemic is just around the corner. The excitement is building and the small irritating items are starting to show up. We can’t wait! I’ve been keeping busy. I … Continue reading

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Fall 2022 – Our leap of faith

Staying inside during these cold winter days and nights has given me plenty of time to think about our upcoming trip. Most of the thinking has been: “Will we be able to go and safely enjoy ourselves ?”, but other … Continue reading

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Fall 2022 – Creating our itinerary for Italy

Everything is still on track to visit Italy next fall – fingers crossed. Reservations have been made for the hotels and now we’re just waiting until the new year to start watching air fares. It’s revitalizing to be planning out … Continue reading

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Fall 2022 – Buon Giorno, Italia!

Everything is predicated on the world normalizing. However, assuming it does, we are planning a blockbuster Italian journey for the fall of 2022. We will be traveling from Venice to Rome with a variety of stops in between. We have … Continue reading

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Summer 2021 – Took me out to the ball games!

The plan was simple – enjoy ourselves, see a few baseball games and relax this summer. While the summer isn’t over yet, we have so far attained those goals. For phase one, we started with some home town games. We … Continue reading

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Travel 2022 – If The World Cooperates – Buon Giorno, Italy!

So when we last left our intrepid travelers, there was sadness in the air as 2021 was a pandemic washout. Now that we have been fully vaccinated, we once again have hope. And with that hope comes a renewed travel … Continue reading

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China 2020 – Epilogue

So I’m better now…still disappointed, but better. All of the follow-up items have been taken care of; not exactly the way I had hoped they would, but at least for now we’re not out any money. So first, a little … Continue reading

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Piedmont – Day 12 – Heading home

Hurry up and wait is the usual pattern on a long travel day and this day would be no different. Blah, blah, blah…… And with that we were off on our way to Toronto. The flight was a good one, … Continue reading

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Piedmont – The Adventure Begins

Usually our journeys start with a quick taxi ride to the airport, but not today. Today, we had our own chauffeur for our ride to Toronto. Ok, we were actually picked up by friends Jan and Dave, who are accompanying … Continue reading

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Day 32 – Heading Home – Milan to Zurich to NYC to Buffalo

“Home Sweet Home” “The Thrill of Coming Home has Never Changed” “Traveling is so much better when you know you have a wonderful home to go back to” Who writes that nonsense? Yes, we are back home safe and sound. … Continue reading

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Day 1 – We have arrived in Zurich!

Travels went great and we have arrived in Zurich. Kudos to both JetBlue and Swiss Air for terrific flights and on-time service. Special shout out to Swiss Air for not only great flights, but for the wonderful cabin staff and … Continue reading

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Sixty days and everything is A-OK!

We have hit the 60 days to go mark and everything is scheduled and looking good. We received the last of our train reservations, so now we just have to exchange some dollars for Swiss Francs the week before we … Continue reading

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Another step forward

So it happened – Swiss Air dropped the price of the flights we were looking at by $1,300.  Seeing that, in my mind, it was a no brainer to book our flights.   While some may say that it is … Continue reading

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Time to start planning for 2019

So September has rolled around and it’s time to start planning our next adventure.  A quick spin of the travel wheel and our next destination is going to be Switzerland. We’ve been watching lots of You Tube videos, searching websites … Continue reading

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From Amsterdam to Buffalo

“They say all good things must come to an end.  Whoever ‘they’ are should mind their own business.” – Tom Herkey Woke up early to get ready and finish packing.  Our ride to the airport is arriving at 7:00 am, … Continue reading

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