Day 9 – Enjoying the Castello di Petroia

Gubbio, Italy

Today was an absolutely perfect day – sunny, cloud-free skies, 75 degrees and a slight breeze. We walked back to the terrace after breakfast to decide what we wanted to do for the day. Sitting there, it became obvious.

We went upstairs, grabbed a little music and headed back to the terrace. Today, we would “non fare niente” or do nothing. Just relax, enjoy the beautiful views and appreciate where we were. Perfect!

There is a song by Mary-Chapin Carpenter called ‘What if we went to Italy’. It talks about relaxing, reading, eating and drinking campari and soda. We just substituted Prosecco and made it our song.

A few people came and went over the course of the afternoon. We just smiled, gave them a friendly ‘buon giorno’ and went back to doing nothing. Some nice light jazz, a nice light breeze and then a little commotion…

Two snakes decided to use the terrace for some afternoon delight. Snakes aren’t my favorite creatures, so we informed the desk staff because their cats were also curious. Well in the commotion, the snakes left, the cats were fine and the desk treated us to a bottle of Prosecco. Now the afternoon was even more perfect!

Around 5:00 we headed up to the room to recharge batteries, check out tomorrow’s route and to get ready for dinner.

Are we bored of Italy? Weren’t there more towns to see? Shouldn’t we be more active? Should the strangozzi be served more al dente? Questions, questions, questions.

No, we are not bored at all, we’re having a great time. There are towns everywhere and we pass through them on our way to and from places. They are all gorgeous, but we can’t stop in every one or we’d never come home.

We are meanderers. There is no need to rush and do something every moment. Sometimes just sitting back and soaking it all in is good.

And finally, the strangozzi is perfect. Also known as priest stranglers, it’s a perfect dish with veal ragu and red wine.

Dinner was a full house as most of the rooms are full. We went down a little early so I could take a few pictures. We enjoyed our last meal at the Castello and had a delicious bottle of Rosso di Montefalco. After dinner we started to organize things for the packing in the morning.

Next stop Todi.

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