Day 11 – Toddling around Todi

Todi, Italy

The weatherman was only partially correct. We didn’t get any of the thunderstorms that swept through, but we did get rain and then off and on drizzle for the early part of the day. Waited out the weather in the room and when the sun came back, we headed out.

We are close to the Piazza del Popolo, which is a main square here in the old part of the city. At one end of the piazza is the Cathedrale of Todi and at the other end is the Palazzo dei Popolo. Most of the buildings here date back to the early 1500’s, though there have been renovations since that time.

We stopped at a small vista and, as we are quite high up on the hill, the views are beautiful. You feel like you can touch the clouds as they go by.


When we reached the piazza, there were people preparing street art similar to what we had seen in Gubbio. The pictures, created with flowers and grass, were beautiful. Unfortunately, it was a little breezy so they were struggling to keep things in place.

The celebration was the festival of Corpus Christi. After a mass in the church, the priests, the congregation and a band marched through the streets of the town. It was very nice to see the community spirit. We were able to watch from our terrace as they went by.

Ok, but we’re not time travelers, so the march was later in the afternoon.

Back to the earlier time, we went into the Duomo and walked around. It is another church that is not overly ornate, just a simple house of prayer. The highlight that people talk about is the rear wall with it’s stained glass rose window and painting. Really beautiful colors! We lit candles in memory of our families and then headed back out into the piazza.

The breeze was still causing stress for the designers and their flowers, especially since the earlier rain had put them behind schedule to start with.

Our stroll continued and we came upon the Tempio di San Fortunato. Looked nice, but the stairs up had Sue wishing there was an escalator .


Just a little winded after walking up, the good news is on the way out we get to go down.


Stepped inside, and right after I snapped the above picture, we turned a corner and saw the “No Photos” sign, so that will probably add a red mark on judgement day.

We continued down the road and came across another vista with gorgeous views. They have them strategically located all around the city. This particular one also had a small memorial dedicated to those who lost their lives in New York on 9/11.

After weaving our way back to the hotel, it was prosecco time. Sue did the ordering and we ended up with a bottle of water and one glass of prosecco. Since the woman would have had to chase all the way back to the restaurant area, I ended up with a Coke while Sue enjoyed her prosecco. Moral of this story is: listen intently when the rookie does the ordering or drink a soda.


Luckily, our server at dinner knew we would both want a glass of prosecco. He was the same person that we had the night before and he was funny. We ended up sharing a pizza and a pasta dish, had dessert, a bottle of water and a bottle of wine for about the price of a bottle of wine back home. At the end of the meal, I paid and said ‘a domani’ or ‘see you tomorrow’ to the server.

He beamed and introduced himself as Francesco, we introduced ourselves – Tommaso and Susanna and he was shaking our hand with the biggest smile. That’s when Sue said she wanted to stay here…

Back upstairs to relax and get a good night’s sleep. We also have to decide what we’ll be doing tomorrow. Tomorrow is the holiday back home, so Happy Memorial Day everyone.

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