Back to Edinburgh

Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Woke up early, but thought I overslept. At 4:30 am it was already light out. Luckily, I have a super power that allows me to roll over and sleep for four more hours.

Got ourselves cleaned up and went down to breakfast. The eating area was actually crowded this morning. There must be new arrivals for the weekend.

After eating we finished packing and checked out. We really liked the hotel and will rate it well. Good price, good location, clean and lots of friendly people.

The walk to the train station is a quick one given it is only three blocks away. The waiting area was full of people; some anxiously awaiting their train and some just plain weird. For instance, we decided that the man dressed fully as Wonder Woman, including the fishnet stockings, was weird, while we were just anxious for our train to arrive.


Wonder Woman??

There were also a couple groups of women heading off to Hen Parties, which are weekend stagette parties. The one that really caught our attention was the group that had the inflatable male doll with them in line. Hope they have fun!

It’s 80 degrees here today. Since they are not so used to the heat, the cheesiest short shorts and mini skirts have appeared. Fun to see.

Our train was changed from our first class seats on a cross country express to the cattle car of an old two car diesel train. Loud and slow are the best words I can think of at this time.

When we did finally arrive in Edinburgh, the train station was crowded. We did manage to grab a taxi fairly quickly and it only took a few minutes to get to the hotel.

For the last part of our stay in Edinburgh, we are staying at the Hotel du Vin. It’s located close to the Greyfriar’s Kirk and the building dates back 700 years. It’s been an insane asylum, laboratory and hospital throughout the years. We’ll see if it has that haunted feeling over the next few days.

We relaxed in the hotel courtyard with a bottle of Rosé before heading off dinner. We went to a pub called ‘Doctor’s’. It dates back to the 1500’s and was originally a pub that the medical students and their teachers frequented. It was a pretty lively place. Drink prices were cheap and the food was good. Since we were sitting near the end of the bar, we were able to talk to the bar manager and waitress over the course of the evening. Very nice people.

A quick stroll and we were back at the hotel. Lively group in the courtyard this evening, wine has a way of doing that to people. Looking forward to a good night’s sleep.


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