Rainy Monday to wrap up

Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Our last day in Edinburgh proved to be a bit of a soggy one, but no worries – we made the best of the day.

Popped downstairs for a bit of breakfast, then chatted up some other guests while waiting for our room to be cleaned. Always fun to share travel tales with other travelers. Unfortunately, the tales we were hearing were related to their delays traveling on British Airways. The computer meltdown was really a mess. So glad we had no part of that one.

Since it was both rainy and chilly, we decided that we would just chill for the day. No sense going out and getting drenched or sick. Sue was able to read, while I busied myself with photos and a nap. Nothing too exciting, though she said her book was good.

We ate dinner at the hotel restaurant. Good choice on a rainy day. Lots of choices on the menu. Sue decided after yesterday’s meal that she would go with soup and a burger, while I had grilled prawns and a steak. Our wine of choice for the evening was another Argentine Malbec. Everything was delicious and our cozy corner table provided a romantic setting.

Stopped at the front desk to order a taxi for the morning and ended up chatting with her and another guest for 45 minutes about travels. We have to be up at 6:00. 6:00 am? That’s absurd, but unfortunately necessary. So up to the room, pack and off to bed early.

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