Just about ready to leave

Just three days until we are off and everything seems to be in order.  Emails with confirmations have been coming in from the hotels, and restaurant reservations are mostly made.  We are a little excited about finally getting a reservation at ‘Restaurant Frenchie’ in Paris.  We’ve tried the last couple trips without success, so hopefully it lives up to our expectations.

Flights over look good and on-time.  We are flying from JFK on Air France on an A380, their big double decker – it’s flight AF 011.

We did receive a notice that our train is cancelled on the day we arrive due to the national rail strike.

We were anticipating the train problem, so we were able to book plane tickets from Paris to the Nantes Regional Airport.  It should actually get us to Nantes about the same time as the train would have, so we don’t even have to change our dinner reservations.

The good news is that since we know in advance, we don’t have to run around trying to seek out alternate plans, including that 7 hour bus ride I had previously mentioned.  Oh, and we get a refund on our non-refundable tickets that we had purchased.

We also found out that on the 21st of June, France celebrates their “Fêtes de Musique” with concerts and street music throughout the country, including a street venue right near our hotel in Paris.  Hoping for a nice, warm evening to enjoy the music and perhaps even a glass or two of wine.

So that’s the update.  Hopefully the next time we connect we’ll be in Nantes.

See you soon.


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