Another step forward

So it happened – Swiss Air dropped the price of the flights we were looking at by $1,300.  Seeing that, in my mind, it was a no brainer to book our flights.



While some may say that it is too early to book the flights, I say – nay, nay.  We got the flights that we wanted at a price that I think is fair.  I suppose there is a chance that the price will drop a little bit more, but I’m content with the price we paid, especially getting the flights at times that we like too!  In picking out our seats, we weren’t the first ones booking either.

The next step in the process is to look at the various day trips that we are interested in.  I want to make sure that we will be doing more than just going up to mountain tops.  Rest assured, we have plenty of other things that we are looking at doing.

Switzerland seems to be a dream as far as getting around.  There are regularly scheduled trains that seem to go everywhere.  As I mentioned previously, by buying a Swiss Travel Pass we’ll be able to literally hop on any train we want without having to pay anything extra.  For our various day trips, that will make life so much easier.  We can arrive and depart without having to pre-buy tickets to lock us in to a specific time.

I read an article online and two of the hotels we are staying in were mentioned as being top hotels chosen by travelers to stay in.  That gives me a little more confidence, since I’m not always convinced that the booking sites are always honest with their reviews.

It will take a little bit of research and planning, but hopefully by the next update I’ll know some of the places we’ll be visiting.

If anyone has visited and has any ideas, feel free to suggest them in the comments.



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