Day 15 – Trümmelbach Falls

What do you do when it’s hot outside? Find someplace cool.

We found that cool place in Lauterbrunnen at the Trümmelbach Falls. The melting glaciers create a river that over the years has cut right through the mountain. It is literally a powerful waterfall within a mountain.

We bought our bus tickets and rode over to the falls in about ten minutes. The entrance fee was 11 CHF each and was well worth it. We even got a ten percent discount for staying in Lauterbrunnen.

There are ten viewports and each provides a unique perspective. Some are close enough that you get caught in the mist. Other areas, where the water is rushing in, are chilly, bordering on cold; but on a hot day it felt good.

As you approach the falls, you can hear the roar of the rushing water but you can’t see falls. We opted to take the elevator up to the higher caves first and then walked our way back down.

Inside the mountain, the roar of the rushing water echoes through the caverns. There is a cool mist in the air that is inescapable. Luckily, they have cut in good steps with sturdy handrails, as the floor can be a bit slippery with the wetness.

As you walk to each viewport, you don’t know what to expect. Some are really cavernous and some are like windows with water splashing through.

I hope the pictures give you a feeling for the power and beauty of the falls.

When you get down to the bottom, the water that was rushing through feeds into a stream that carries it away.

We rode the bus back to town, found a nice shady spot in the hotel and cooled off with a bottle of Rosé.

While we were sitting there, minding our own business, there were three big booms that were not only loud, but shook the whole building. Turns out there were some fighter jets zooming through the valley that caused sonic booms.

After our wine, we went upstairs to relax and clean up before dinner. We chose to eat at the hotel again and enjoyed our final meal there. Once again, the meal was wonderful. We certainly are enjoying our meals so far, as well as the various Swiss wines we’ve been drinking.

We have to get up early tomorrow, so after a little digestion time we headed to bed.

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2 Responses to Day 15 – Trümmelbach Falls

  1. travelingjan says:

    ..refreshingly cool….and aesthetically cool…..interesting to have different ‘lookouts’ to see the falls at various points. Good plan for a warm day. I see Rose’ wines are a big hit!

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