Piedmont – Day 4 – A Day in Barbaresco

After yesterday’s fun-filled day in the Roero, today it was a visit to Barbaresco. We once again had beautiful weather – a little chilly in the morning and then warm with sunny skies the remainder of the day.

Once again, we gathered in Piazza Michele Ferrero to meet up with Luca. They are building carnival rides around town with a nice looking carousel being built near us. When Luca arrived at 9:30, we were ready to head off.

Though we did sneak in a glass or two previously, today we will really focus on the grape of Piemonte – Nebbiolo. For our tasting pleasure, it would be the Queen – Barbaresco that would tempt our palates.

Nebbiolo Grapes waiting to be harvested.

We started the day at Ca’ del Baio, which roughly translates to ‘House of the Bay Horse’. It is a family-run winery led by their winemaker father, and daughters who have studied oneology at home and abroad.

We were taken through the winery and actually had a chance to meet the family as we viewed the facilities. As with the other wineries we have visited, the production area is spotlessly clean. The family was busy working on labels, while waiting for the grapes to be harvested.

They have a very nice portfolio of wines and the fun part is getting to taste some of them. We chose to go through a flight of five of their Nebbiolo wines – two plain Nebbiolo and three barbaresco. All of the wines were excellent; even though they were young, they exhibited great structure and fruit. Yes, we bought a couple bottles to drink back at the apartment.

The line-up – both reds and a couple whites
Ceramic casks
Someone is ready to taste!
Our un-named guide with Luca

After our delightful breakfast tasting, we made a stop in the town of Barbaresco. It’s a quaint little town with old world charm and some more modern facades to hide some of the commercial areas.

We made one stop for a little wine tasting at the Enoteca Regionale del Barbaresco. It was formerly a small church that has been converted into a place of devotion for Barbaresco wines. We chose a flight of four wines and shared the tasting, each of us enjoying the wines.

Enjoying our wine under watchful eyes.
Barbaresco, Barbaresco… No white Zinfandel to be found.

Next we would eat. For lunch we met up with Martina and we all visited a local pasta maker for lunch. He makes his pasta from ancient grains, which, in case you think like me – does not just mean old wheat.

He talked to us about the process he goes through to make and dry the pasta. Since he only spoke Italian, we were glad to have Luca and Martina with us to translate.

Then came the meal. We gathered on his terrace and took our seats. With his mother in the kitchen, we started with a frittata with spinach, next came some tagliatelle with a butter sauce and crumbled hazelnuts and we finished with a zabaglione over crumbled biscuits. We drank two Swiss wines – one red, one white and a dessert wine called Arpu.

After thanking our host and momma, we departed for our afternoon tour.

Arriving at the pasta maker’s house.
Luca, Martina, Jan, Dave & Sue
David showing his disdain for the wine.

On the way to the winery, we took a beautiful ride through the hills of Barbaresco. Vineyards with ripe grapes waiting to be harvested and down below – hazel nut trees. We wanted to pull over and grab a handful.

We arrived at our destination – Pelissero Winery. The building is new, but the winemaking is traditional. Nebbiolo showcased in the best way possible – structure, fruit and TLC.

Mateo was our guide through the winery and the tastings. He was fun, knowledgeable and passionate about the wines they make. Yes, we bought three bottles of wine to drink at the apartment.

Our new Nebbiolo friends
Bottles waiting for labeling
Mateo the Mighty!
Rows of vines with their precious fruit

We returned to the apartment to celebrate David’s birthday with a little wine and cheese get-together. We opened the bottle of Gianni Doghla Bosco Donne Barbera D’Asti and enjoyed it immensely – just as good as when we tasted it at the winery. See, it’s a good thing we bought wine!

It was a nice relaxing evening with good friends.

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  1. travelingjan says:

    Once again, great pics and detailed commentary. It refreshes all the fun times of the trip.

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