Travel 2022 – If The World Cooperates – Buon Giorno, Italy!

So when we last left our intrepid travelers, there was sadness in the air as 2021 was a pandemic washout. Now that we have been fully vaccinated, we once again have hope. And with that hope comes a renewed travel spirit. Bring on 2022!

We’ve written off 2021 – maybe there is the chance of catching a baseball game if things open up. But if not, that’s ok, we’ll save up for a couple of nice future travel dinners.

Having evaluated our choices, we have decided that our first international trip will be a return to Italy. Understanding that there are many factors to consider -like Italy is not open to American travelers- we have begun the planning process by laying out an itinerary and talking with our travel specialist from Audley Travel. So while we’re excited to travel again, the excitement is only at Volume 3 for now. (Spinal Tap reference)

Where to go? So many choices!

Airplanes, fast trains, boats, cars – maybe even a Vespa will move us where we want to go. The real question is where do we want to go? I think we will see some new places along with some places we’ve been to before. Looking at the map of Italy is like walking into a Gelato Shop – so many choices and we like them all.

That’s the sneak peek. Now on those nights when there are only hockey games on television, I’ll have something better to do.

My travel guides are on their way from Amazon, I’ve dug out my maps, my spreadsheets are updated and it’s showtime!

I’ll update the blog as we firm up our plans. For now, that spring in my step is not from my new sneakers but from having travel to look forward to in the future.

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