Italy 2022 – Time to go – We’re on our way!

Trumpets are blaring, drums are being pounded – so hold on while I turn down the music. It’s time and we’re ready to go. Our bags are packed, camera batteries are charged, and our sunglasses are clean, so we have to go someplace!

Sorry to those of you that I didn’t call back before we left. There were a couple of last day items that had to take priority. Mi dispiace!

Our driver pulled up right on time and honestly, she was the nicest driver we’ve ever had. Friendly, personable and enthusiastic – the world needs more people like her.

The airport wasn’t too busy when we arrived. The line to check-in was just us and then the line for security was three other people. So thankful to have TSA Pre-check. Even with all my electronic gadgets, we still passed through quickly without a hitch.

I have to admit to being excited and a little nervous while waiting for our flight to board. There has been so much planning involved that I’m ready to see how I did. It’s like my “Travel Guy” final exam.

Our Buffalo to Newark flight was scheduled to take-off at 1:03pm and we were right on time. It was a nice day for flying – blue skies, a few puffy clouds and about 75 degrees. We just relaxed and enjoyed the short flight.

Our arrival in Newark was easy. We were in the first row, so for once I got to hold up everybody behind me – for at least ten seconds. We de-planed and headed to the lounge.

Since we are flying to Europe in United’s Polaris class, we were able to use the Polaris Lounge. It was a nice change from waiting at the gate in uncomfortable seats, plus we were able to have a bite to eat to tide us over until dinner. As folks for the evening flights arrived, the lounge became more and more crowded. We relaxed until it was time to head over for boarding.

So United’s Polaris class provides you with a personal pod that includes a seat that folds down flat for sleeping. You get a nice meal, drinks and snacks and top notch service from the attendants.

Our second flight from Newark to Venice was scheduled to leave at 6:40pm and we were boarded right on time. Besides the minor delay we had taxi-ing, we were off and flying on time. Taking off at dusk was nice and the view of Manhattan was nice as we flew overhead.

Sue decided to watch the Downton Abbey movie and I was playing cribbage on my iPad. There seemed to be quite a bit of ambient noise in the cabin. Not sure if that was just from the plane type – Boeing 767 or cutting through the air, but it was noisier than expected. Still, we both managed to sleep for a while, just not as soundly as on previous flights.

As we got closer to the end of our flight, we had a beautiful morning view of the Alps.

Marco Polo Airport was busy when we arrived. It took a few extra minutes to get through passport control before grabbing our luggage. The carousels were all surrounded by folks waiting for their luggage with the usual suspects blocking the way and grabbing every piece that was the same color as their bag. I digress.

Arriving in Venice, we notice one thing right away: there are people – lots of people. Stores and shops are open, which means “Ferragosto” or the “August rest” is over. Traditionally, Italians vacation during the month of August. Many go to the seaside to escape the August heat, not like it hasn’t been hot since June this year. The official holiday is August 15th, but in reality it is a month-long holiday with its beginnings dating back to the first century – thanks to Emperor Augustus Octavian.

So now our Italian adventure begins. Venice is such a wonderful city to start in and our boat to the hotel awaits us.

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4 Responses to Italy 2022 – Time to go – We’re on our way!

  1. Jan says:

    SO glad your trip started off nicely:on time flights, comfy seat/pods and a boat ready to whisk you to your hotel in Venice.

    I’ll be traveling along with you…..salute til next post…..

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Patty Galbo says:

    Have a wonderful time. Pete and I will be waiting to read all about it, especially the food and wine experiences that you are so good at describing!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Anonymous says:

    Sue looks sooooooooo happy to be off on a new adventure!
    As usual Tom, you make us feel as though we’re right there with you on your travels.

    Liked by 1 person

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