Italy 2022 – Cinque Terre: Part 4

When we woke up, the skies were partly cloudy, but the winds were blowing from the west – which had the surf really pounding the shoreline. The red flags were flying, meaning no swimming. It also meant no boats would be sailing today, so the trains were coming in full.

Goodbye gentle surf; hello crashing waves

To get to the new part of town, you have three choices. You can walk through the tunnel, walk up and over the hill or I suppose you can swim. I wanted to swim, but Sue reminded me that it was a red flag day.

Since the tunnel is just beyond our hotel, that became our choice.

What lies at the end of the tunnel?

On the other side of the tunnel, your sight line is to the north. While it was still windy, the view was brighter with a touch of sun.

As you walk, the feeling is like strolling down a boardwalk. The sea on one side and shops, hotels, bars and restaurants on the other. A short ways down, you’ll also find the train station. When a train comes in, there is a surge of people so move along!

We walked along until we reached the Restaurant Miky. While others were waiting for them to open for lunch, we waited to make a dinner reservation. The only opening they had was at 9:00 pm and we took it.

It was actually getting warm in the sun, so we headed back to our side of the tunnel to relax for a while. By now you all know that means we found a place for a glass of wine. Today also included a small bite to eat.

Just under the train overpass is a small bar that always has people there. We grabbed a table in the shade and did some people watching with a glass or two of Rosé Spumante and slices of focaccia. It was a lovely way to enjoy some afternoon time.

Then we went back to the hotel to really relax for a couple hours before dinner. I had read about Restaurant Miky before we left home and hoped we might be able to go. People have said that the food is wonderful, the service is great and the prices are reasonable. We shall see.

It was a nice walk over – this time without the hot sun. All the restaurants and bars we passed were busy and the street was brightly lit. When we arrived, the place was abuzz.

We were seated and then the fun began. We started with water and a glass of prosecco to ease into the meal. The menus and wine list were presented and everything sounded great. They had some different choices from what we had been eating recently so we were looking forward to the change.

Amuse Bouche served on a warm stone
Raviolis with shrimp filling
Seared scallops
Braised beef cheeks
Roast duck breast

Well, how this is not a Michelin starred restaurant is beyond me. The food was incredible, the service was outstanding and when the check arrived, I honestly thought they forgot to charge for something.

It was around 11:00 pm when we finished, so we took a slow, hand-in-hand walk back to the hotel. We had to go in quietly, as reception was closed for the evening and we managed to get to our room without a ruckus.

It was a perfect day and evening.

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