And away we go..

Buffalo, NY

Eighteen months of planning and coordinating and the day has finally arrived.

We’re packed and are just waiting for the taxi to arrive to head to the airport. Leaving early since the reports are that the security lines will be long. Hopefully things will be smooth as the travel day will be long enough. Airport check-in went smooth and the security line, while somewhat long, went quickly. No hassles, now we just have to get through JFK.

Flight from Buffalo was on-time and before long we were in JFK. I should have bought a lottery ticket. We landed in Terminal 4 and our flight is from terminal 4 – no additional security lines. Woo hoo!

Tried to get into the Delta Sky Club, but they wanted no part of riff-raff like the Herkeys. Instead, we ended up at a restaurant called Uptown Bistro. It’s the Marcus Samuelsson (of Aquavit fame) restaurant and was some of the best airport food we have ever had. Simple, delicious and actually, reasonably priced.

Our flight to Venice is scheduled to leave on-time. Looks like it’s gonna be a full flight. It also looks like an AARP flight. Jeez – don’t young people fly? Boarding and leaving as scheduled – I definitely should have purchased that lotto ticket.

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