Day 1 – Venice in the rain

Venice, Italy

We arrived in Venice safely and a few minutes early. It was raining when we landed and was pretty much overcast and rainy all day. No worries though, it’s still Venice. Breezed through passport control. Our bags arrived with us this trip, though one was just about the last one off the plane just to get our hearts pumping.

Just needed to buy our bus ticket and we’d be off to the islands. Passed my first Italian test buying the tickets and off we went. It actually takes about twenty-five minutes to get from the airport to the bus drop-off at Piazzale Roma.  You can hire a water taxi and pay a fortune or just take the bus.

Our hotel – Hotel Antiche Figure – is only a five minute walk from the bus stop. Two small bridges, made harder by dragging along our bags, and we were there.

The hotel was just like we remembered it. The people at the desk were just as friendly as the last time and our room was just as nice. This time they bumped us up to a king size bed too. Since we were a little early, they offered us a glass of welcoming prosecco and we didn’t say “No”.

Francesca, our new long-lost friend, chatted with us about dinner places and things to see while we were waiting for the room. We also met an Australian couple, Brad and Sharon, who are on the last leg of a 24 day cruise holiday. Very nice people.

When our room was ready, we headed up to wash up and take a little nap before the concert this evening. Neither of us were excited about sightseeing in the rain and the rest would be welcome.

We were able to buy a 24 hour Vaporetto pass at the hotel desk. Since there are no streets in Venice, the vaporetto is a water bus. You can get from one end to the other of the grand canal in about a half hour, which is what we needed to do to get to the concert.

With about five stops left before we reached ours, the skies opened up and the rain poured down. A little thunder and lightning was added in for effect and we hoped it was just a cloudburst – It wasn’t!

Had to make a mad dash to the Chiesa San Vidal and we all know I don’t dash like I used to. Absolutely drenched by the time we reached the doors. Yuck! The good news, if you can call it good, was that there were others arriving at the same time who were equally soaked. Oh well..

The concert itself was delightful. The group performing is called Interpreti Veneziani and they were awesome. They perform regularly in Venice and on this night they were performing Vivaldi’s Four Seasons.  And very well I might add.

The ride back home after the concert was nice and dry. We stopped to pick up a quick sandwich before heading back to the room for the evening and had our own little Venetian picnic. Then off to bed to try and catch up on a little sleep.

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