Day 5 – Travel Day – Venice to Gubbio

Gubbio, Italy

This was a day I don’t want to think too much about. We checked out of the hotel after a very nice stay. I always recommend Hotel Antiche Figure to anyone who asks about a place in Venice.

Our train was on time and it was a very comfortable trip from Venice to Florence. The second train was also on time, this one from Florence to Perugia. We arrived right on time and things were looking up.

Over to the Maggiore car rental and our car was ready for us. It’s a deep blue Mercedes C180. Very nice and comfortable. Packed our luggage, sent away the person that wanted a ride and off we went.


Our Umbrian wheels – Don’t park under tress

Sounds nice, except for the fact that we went round in circles while it was raining for almost 90 minutes before we could find the way to Gubbio. I only swore twice!

Picture being in Buffalo and wanting to go to Hamburg. Imagine the road sign going towards Hamburg saying Syracuse. That’s why we couldn’t find our way. The town wasn’t even on our map it was so far away. Since it was the only direction we hadn’t tried by that time, we headed towards Cesena. After a few kilometers, we finally saw a sign that referenced Gubbio. We chose wisely – finally!

It took about 40 minutes to get to the hotel. It’s called the Castello di Petroia and is a beautiful place to stay. It literally is a renovated castle dating, some parts dating back to the 11th century. We were frazzled from the drive and the warm welcome we received was wonderful.


Our room is in the portion of the castle that has been recently renovated. You walk through stone walls a meter thick and then get to a room with all the modern comforts of home. The room is spacious, comfortable and quiet. We have a view over the valley that is gorgeous.

We ate dinner at the hotel and all I can say is – Wow! Just about everything is made fresh or grown on the property. Vegetables, herbs, cattle, breads, jam, honey, eggs – you get the picture. Our meals were delicious, the wine was a Sagrantino from Montefalco and our starter glass of prosecco was refreshing.

It was a fine ending to an otherwise stressful day of travel.

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