Day 6 – A day of rest and a Happy Anniversary

Gubbio, Italy

So after yesterday’s driving stress, we decided that today we would just chill at the Castello. There was a big storm that I slept through over night, at least that’s what Sue and the others at breakfast told me. When I’m tired, I’m tired – that’s all there is to say.

It’s been fun chatting with some of the other guests and hearing about places they are visiting. Sounds like many have an itinerary similar to ours, though the things they want to do or see are a bit different. Makes it interesting to share stories.

So after breakfast we did a little exploring around the castello. A couple sections date back to the 11th century; further building was done through the 16th century. They have renovated the inside throughout the years and the rooms are quite nice.


Royalty at the Castello?

There are many, many antiques throughout the buildings. I’m afraid to sit in a chair fearing that the 15th century chair won’t hold up to a 20th century butt.

The castello ‘driveway’ is two kilometers long (glad I don’t have to shovel that!). The surrounding land is a mix of forest, pastures and olive groves. Lovely driving up to the gates. Hopefully the pictures do it justice.

After our walkaround, we headed up to the room to plan out tomorrow’s journey and to reorganize the suitcases. We even found time to sneak in a nap.

Dinner was here at the Castello. Besides not wanting to venture out in the dark, the chef and staff here are fantastic. With many choices on the menu and wine list, there’s no reason to head out. I’ll sneak a picture of the menu when nobody is looking.

Our server, Isabella, added a couple candles to our tiramisu and brought over a couple glasses of bubbly to celebrate our anniversary. Not a bad place to spend our 36th anniversary.


After a wonderful meal, we headed upstairs to finish mapping out tomorrow’s journey. I need to get my driving mojo back.

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