Day 13 – Perugia for a day

Perugia, Italy

So this morning we leave Todi and head to Perugia. We really loved Todi and were sad to leave, but the adventure continues.

After a final breakfast, we packed up and checked out. The woman at the counter went and retrieved our car for us. Yes, I’m a wuss, but I don’t think I would have found my way back to the hotel. As we loaded up the car to go, “Uncle George” stopped by and gave us hugs and handshakes before we left.

Todi is a very nice little town. Perfect for some light sight-seeing and close to many other towns. The people in town were all friendly, but the star attraction were the people at the Hotel Fonte Cesia. They made our stay so pleasant that it was like staying with family. Ok, maybe not my family, but you get the picture.

So off we went to drop off the car and do a little sightseeing in Perugia. The ride over to Perugia was not too bad. The Italians are still crazy drivers, very aggressive and very impatient. This morning, traffic wasn’t too heavy so the ride wasn’t too bad.

We stopped just outside of Perugia to fill up the gas tank. It was 30 Euro to fill the tank for the time we had the car. Not too bad considering the amount of driving that we did.

We actually found our way to the train station fairly easily and just made it to the Maggiore counter before they broke for lunch. Dropping off the car was such a relief. The driving was the most stressful part of the trip. Now, they cart our butts around!

Our hotel was located right across the street from the train station. Easy to scoot over, though they have an underground passage to cross the busy street that required carrying the heavy bags up and down stairs again. It’s a good thing it’s not bowling season.


Perugia Train Station

The Hotel Astor is a nice little hotel. Kind of like a Novotel or Comfort Inn back in the states. Not fancy, but clean and convenient. After we checked in, we relaxed for a little while then went out to explore Perugia.

Perugia is the capital of Umbria, so it’s a little bigger and a little more crowded then some of the other towns. They do have a mini metro, which is a small version of a subway system that runs from the outskirts up to the historical center of town, that we took advantage of. Older buildings, lots of little shops and restaurants, some old churches and a town hall made up the historical center.


We wandered around, peeped inside a few places, then found a place to eat an early dinner or late lunch in the main piazza. The restaurant Il Bacia was our choice today. Started out with our glass of prosecco, then a caprese salad and a calzone for Sue and a pizza for me. Both were delicious! While we were eating it started to rain, but we were snug and dry under the restaurant’s umbrellas. By the time we finished the rain stopped. How’s that for timing?

We took the mini metro back down to the train station and then headed back to the hotel to relax – Sue reading, me playing games on my Ipad. One of us dozed off before writing the daily blog, but it was some needed rest after the stress of driving.

Tomorrow we are off to Sorrento.

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