Day 20 – Another day in Paradise

Positano, Italy

I’m feeling better, thanks for asking. Unfortunately, it looks like Sue is catching my cold. Hopefully it will pass quickly so we can enjoy our remaining time here in Positano.

Alanis Morissette could add this top her song – “Isn’t it ironic”, we are in the prettiest place and can’t enjoy it so much because we don’t feel well. Such is life.

Took a little walk after breakfast down the end of the cove. There is the regular beach in front of us and then a private beach further down. People are in the water or relaxing in their beach chairs. The beach itself is made up of small, round, polished stones. It’s the same kind of beach as in Nice. The private hotel beaches will sometimes truck in some sand, but for the most part it’s stones.

The water looks crystal clear. It’s fun watching people of all ages, shapes and sizes enjoying themselves. There is a young Japanese couple who were just married. We saw them taking pictures in her wedding dress when we arrived and they are all lovey-dovey. I told Sue if I came out of the water in front of them it might traumatize them thinking Godzilla is returning!!

Walking down the beach in the other direction, we get to the boat dock for the transports. Boats leave just about every hour going somewhere. They have shuttles, ferries and jet boats to go to most of the Amalfi Coast towns, plus some excursions and joy rides.

Around the bend, up some stairs and then back down is another beach. No chance we’re gonna navigate our way over there, but it looks nice.

There are some souvenir shops, but many of the shops sell really nice stuff. Jewelry, clothing, artwork and limoncello – you name, you can find it. The shopkeepers are all very friendly. I’m sure they are used to many people just browsing as they walk by. How will someone pack the two foot round pasta dish in their carry-on?

By now you all should not be surprised, but if it’s the afternoon, it must be prosecco time. We stopped back at our hotel terrace bar and our favorite waiter knows what time it is too. We must look needy!

This time, besides chips, he also brings out a bowl of olives. Yum! These aren’t like the green olives in a jar or at the supermarket. Not vinegar brined, just tastes like some herbs and olive oil. Mild taste, perfect as a compliment to the drinks.

Back to the room afterwards to relax and find someplace for dinner. A little nap turned into a longer nap which took us right up to dinner time. Decided to eat lighter this evening.

The Cova Dei Saraceni has a small brasserie that is located right next to the pier and that looks like the place. Sue had a caprese salad, I had a caesar salad and we split a pizza. Add in a bottle of Rose’ and dinner was perfect. The waiters were extremely friendly and made for a very nice evening.


A short stroll back to the hotel and a fairly early night. Sue’s cold is worsening, so hopefully she’ll get some much needed rest.

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