Day 21 – A day of rest

Positano, Italy

Woke up to Sue feeling terrible. Her cold has her in its grip and isn’t letting go. We went down to breakfast, but it was just a quick cup of tea for her. Headed back up to the room so she could relax.

Since they hadn’t made up our room yet, we got comfortable on the terrace. Sue dozed right away while I updated the blog. I felt bad for her, mostly because I know who she caught it from and secondly because she was so wiped out.

I worked to catch up with my photo downloads and the blog posts. Eventually, the maids arrived and I did my best to explain that Sue was napping and we’d stay out of their way while they made up the room. It didn’t take them long before they finished and then I herded Sue into the bed to get comfortable. The bottom line is we ended up staying in all day and resting. I’m not so used to being the overseer, but it worked out. The sleep helped her and day went by fairly quickly.

My perch on the terrace helped make staying in much more tolerable. My favorite thing about our room is being able to hear the waves cresting on the shore. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day so we can get out and enjoy the town a little bit.

Post Script: Since this is a short update, I can answer a couple of questions:

Wi-fi wasn’t so good with mail servers.  Best to use an Internet based mail like Google or Yahoo.

Michele – I only had the one decoy wallet. I’m looking for another one before Rome. May just buy a good one and use mine as the decoy.

Greg – Can’t even get a free drink here with the bowling team photo. Apparently something called soccer is more popular here.

Temperatures have been in the mid 70’s the whole trip so far. We had one hot day and one cool day. Been a little more humid near the water.

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