Day 22 – Fun in the Positano sun

Positano, Italy

Not quite the miracle of Lourdes, but Sue woke up feeling better. Still coughing, but a bit more rested. Hopefully she’ll beat this in a couple days similar to my experience. So down for breakfast. Having just picked at a couple snacks yesterday, I was hungry and everything looked delicious.

As you may know, I don’t drink coffee, but I have had a cappuccino just about every morning in Italy. Can’t wait to get back to my Snapple when we get home.

We enjoyed a hearty breakfast, stopped back at the room, then grabbed our sunglasses and sunscreen, and headed out to wander through the winding stairs of Positano for a while.

The town starts at the beach or at the top of the hill, depending on your perspective. You either wander down the winding lanes or you climb the stairs up. Since we are pretty much prime athletes, we wandered up a few flights of stairs before leveling off and heading back down towards the beach. We did pop into a couple of shops, checked out the church – where there happened to be a small wedding going on, walked over to the pier and then dipped our tootsies in the Mediterranean Sea.

The water is so clear and was actually semi-warm. Not bathtub warm, but tolerable without needing to jump right out. Others were wading, swimming or splashing about in the water. Yes, I’m a weenie when it comes to cold water.


Enjoying the Mediterraean Sea

Afterwards – surprise – we went back to the hotel and enjoyed a nice bottle of Rose’ wine on the terrace. There was a new British invasion occuring. Seems that there was a wedding this weekend and they were having a pre-wedding party to celebrate. A few people were less than sober and loud and obnoxious. Not the usual group we had been enjoying our afternoons with. Yikes – bloody hooligans!


Wedding Hooligans

For dinner we decided to go back to the brasserie at the Hotel Covo dei Saraceni. Our waiter / Vic Damone lookalike was there and seemed glad to have us back. His assistant was also there and we had a fun time chatting them up. They loved that we could throw out simple phrases in Italian and we loved trying with their encouragement.

Dinner was wonderful. The brasserie seating is right on the end of the pier next to the water. It’s so nice to hear the waves while enjoying your meal. We will definitely miss this when we leave. We said our goodbyes and headed back to the hotel. One last evening in our beautiful room before we move on to Capri.


Night lights in Positano

Positano was perfect for us. It has a laid back vibe, yet is full of life. We had thought that it might be a tad snobby, but that wasn’t the case at all. At least we didn’t encounter any of it. Everyone that we dealt with from the moment we arrived seemed to try to make our stay a great experience. If that is their way of making sure that tourists keep coming back, they get it. We will return someday.

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