Day 24 – Relaxing in Capri

Capri, Italy

Woke up to bright sunshine for our first day in Capri. Breakfast is served out on the back terrace with a beautiful view over the bay towards Mt Vesuvius. Umbrellas provide plenty of shade while you enjoy your meal.

The buffet includes many items, most of which are homemade. Elena makes the cakes along with the marmalades, and much of the fruit and vegetables come from the garden. Besides all the choices on the buffet, Sura will make eggs for you any style you want. The omelettes are fluffy and full of veggies and cheese.


After breakfast we sat out on the patio for a while, planning out our day and enjoying the peace and quiet. I wish we had a patio like this back home.

So we decided that we would venture up to Piazza Umberto I and then walk around from there. It is about a ten minute walk from the hotel and that was where the action was.

We headed off on the main shopping route – think Rodeo Drive. All the big name designer shops, jewelers, a fancy restaurant or two and a whole bunch of hotels. When you add in the people looking “fabulous” as they stroll along looking to be seen, it’s quite interesting.

Again, bowling not being a big sport here, we didn’t have to dodge the paparazzi. We eventually found a bar to have our afternoon Prosecco and do some people watching. The prosecco came with a nice dish of munchies and olives – that we devoured. Our waiter was really cool too. When I tried to order a second round in Italian, he smiled and said “not even close” and then provided an impromptu Italian lesson. So… “Un altro giro, per favore” or “Avremo un altro favore”.

Back to the people watching. A bride came through the square and got a nice round of applause waving to her admirers. Some of the outfits were beautiful, though most were typical tourist outfits like we were wearing. It’s amazing to watch some of the women walking across the stoney streets in their high heels or platform wedgies. I figured I’d twist an ankle and I was wearing flats.

Now refeshed, we walked around a little more. We found the funicular that travels down to the harbor. That will come in handy Monday when we take our boat trip around the Island.

We passed by a nice little restaurant ‘Al Capri’ and decided to have an early dinner. We had a table with a nice view over the marina, the food was delicious and our bottle of Rose’ was local and terrific. Great way to cap off the day.

There was a beautiful sunset as we walked back to the hotel.


When we returned to the hotel, Rafaele was outside and we chatted for a bit. He’s really nice and so accommodating. We can see why so many people have had such good things to say about the hotel.

Some picture downloading, blog updates and reading before we settled in to sleep.

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