Day 25 – Hiding from the rain in Capri

Capri, Italy

Well now, in case you wondered if it rains in Capri, let me tell you about our Sunday.

Woke up around 5:30 am to a thunderstorm and downpour. Kept us up for a little while before we fell back asleep. Truthfully, I fell right back to sleep, Sue tossed a little bit.

When we woke up it was still drizzling a little but looked like it would be clearing up. Cleaned up and went for breakfast, the rain had forced breakfast inside and the quarters were a little cramped, but not a problem.


Capri Wine Hotel – Wine bar / rainy day breakfast room

As people were leaving, many were talking about their plans for the day. We finished breakfast and started chatting with Elena. Both she and Rafaele are very nice, in case I haven’t said it many times. Sue and she were chatting about cooking and baking, the Bastianich family cooking shows and just having a good time. Rafaele joined the conversation and we added wines to the chat topics. Very pleasant!

Our plan was to wait out the tourist boats a little while before heading out for a walk. We sat on the patio, Sue reading, me planning when the rain decided to return. And did it ever return. It poured off and on all afternoon.

Always resourceful, we pulled the chairs under the umbrellas a little more and stayed dry. Rafaele dashed over during a little slow down and we ended up getting a bottle of wine (Falaghina – italian white) and a plate of munchies. The Herkey picnic lasted most of the afternoon and was delightful.

As time passed, other guests were returning looking a little damp. Call us lazy, but it’s vacation. No need to run around in the rain. Besides, we’re both getting over colds. When the rain stopped, we scooted back to the room. There were a couple small cloud bursts, so hopefully ‘Mamma Naturale’ got the rain out of her system.

I was able to connect my phone to the Apple TV in the room, so we enjoyed viewing some of our photos on the big screen, as well as watching a few You Tube videos to kill a little time.

The weatherman promises a nice day tomorrow so we’ll take advantage of it.

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  1. Sartenada says:

    We love Capri. I have also made a post about it.

    Happy and safe travels!

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