Last day in Amsterdam

So yesterday’s postscript became today’s reality.  I did something that caused my back to go out and it hurts like all heck.

I gingerly got out of bed and cleaned up before we went down for breakfast.  Instead of “see you tomorrow”, today was “thank you for everything”.  Our waitress was so nice, we both got big hugs before heading out.

We sat in one of the hotel lounges with a nice table and comfortable chair until they finished cleaning our room.  I was able to check-in for our flights and everything looks good so far.


Hotel Ambassade – Library Lounge

Unfortunately, we decided that today’s explorations would have to be cancelled – I just can’t do it.

So we will take advantage of our nice room overlooking the canal today.  You’ve maybe heard the term Plane-spotting?  We invented Canal boat-spotting! There were more than thirty different boat companies that operate boats in our canal.  With names like Stromma, Lovers, Blue Boat, Boaty Rent A Boat and Amsterdam Canal Cruises; we had fun changing the names and laughing.

We also had a chance to just relax and talk about some of the wonderful things we saw and did on the trip. I know there were things that others probably would have sloughed off, but when planning, I look for cool things like the mechanical insects and the elephant in Nantes.


The Medieval Festival in Pontorson was also fun.  Seeing how the townsfolk from the five towns embraced it, by dressing up in the vintage costumes and participated was pretty awesome.  I hope the younger folks continue the tradition as time marches on.

Mont Sainte-Michel was both interesting and awe-inspiring.  I wish we could have seen it at the highest tides to see it completely surrounded by the water before the tides empty the bay.  Mother Nature sure works her magic.


Paris is Paris.  I can’t think of anything that we didn’t like there aside from the crowds at the Louvre.  But we just moved on as there are so many other great sites and things to do.


Bruges lived up to all the pre-trip hype.  It truly was beautiful and like a fairy-tale city.  We knew it was going to be good when our first encounter with the taxi driver was like getting a ride from the Mayor.  So friendly and proud of his city – and the beer they produce – he couldn’t have welcomed us any better.


And Amsterdam: it was vibrant, hectic, artsy, beautiful and smelled of marijuana just about everywhere.  Our last boat skipper summed it up best – “if we don’t like the rules, we just legalize whatever it is.”


That’s the kind of conversations we have when our afternoon alcohol break is not available!

We made early dinner reservations, so we spruced up a little bit and headed downstairs –  first to print our boarding passes and then on to the restaurant.  I found myself apologizing to a woman who got on the elevator with us when we were only going one floor:  “We’re not lazy, I just hurt”.

Dinner was fun.  Since we’d been there before, you would have thought we were all best friends when we walked in.  Smiles, waves, handshakes – quite the scene.

We had our last Kir Royal of the trip and toasted to a wonderful time.  Today’s little setback doesn’t change anything.  Dinner was roasted artichokes, wolffish, and crepes for me; and a quinoa salad, sea bass and crepes for Sue.  We had a nice bottle of white burgundy and enjoyed the evening.

Afterwards, it was back upstairs.  We made it an early night since we have to get up early in the morning.

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