Day 4 – Day trip to Rapperswil and Schaffhausen

With the weather defying the odds, we decided to go exploring again today. Our journey this morning was to Rapperswil at the far end of Lake Zurich. We had originally planned to take a boat ride to get there, but instead we took the train to get an earlier start.

We left on the 8:09 am train and it only took 35 minutes to get to Rapperswil. This weekend they are having a Jazz & Blues Festival, but since the weather forecast was ominous, we decided not to get tickets. Instead, we’ll just take a walk and see what we find.

Rapperswil did not get its name from the music genre, nor is it home to Snoop Dog or Lil Wayne; rather it is a quiet little town that has been called the town of 15,000 roses. We started out with a walk around the lakefront and then finished up with a stroll through the old lanes of the Alstadt (old town).

The lake was so calm and peaceful

The lake is so clear, but we were told the water is chilly until July or August. That’s because the water comes from the melting glaciers. While we weren’t planning to take a dip anyway, we remembered Seinfeld and stayed away.

There were a few people walking about, but our walk around the lake was serene.

After absorbing some of that tranquility, we headed to the old town. It’s just a small area and was not busy at all. We started by heading up to the church area, where I happened to notice some vineyards. It proved to be a good choice as we also came upon one of those beautiful rose gardens that they are famed for. We found the garden by just following our noses, as they were so fragrant. Again, nobody was there and me quietly sing Bobby Vinton songs had nothing to do with that — Really!

Heading to the main town square, we came across a couple in the middle of a photo session. They seemed pretty lovey-dovey, so I expect that they were shooting engagement pictures.

Like we’ve seen in some of the other cities, there were some beautiful art scenes painted on the facades of the buildings. Really beautiful art, not graffiti.

One last photo by the roses before we headed on.

Since it was still early and the weather was looking good, we decided to head back to Zurich and then catch a train to Schaffhausen. We had skipped it yesterday when my back started hurting, so why not go today.

Checking the schedule, we could catch a train to Schaffhausen twenty minutes after we arrived in Zurich – that would be perfect. Just a couple days in town and we are owning the train station. We know the basic layout, found a couple short cuts and don’t have to use the ticket machines anymore.

An on-time arrival, a short walk and an earlier train that was just getting ready to leave and we were on our way.

Schaffhausen is another of the Medieval towns up near the German border and close to Lake Constance. Since it was Saturday, it was their market day, so we were able to walk amongst the various stalls before they closed up for the day. Pretty little town, lots of fountains and very pleasant people. So glad we decided to visit.

Another cheesy Sue pic

The only thing missing from the day was something to eat and the restaurant in the background of the fountain was our choice – Santa Lucia. We split a pizza, some pasta and a bottle of Rose – otherwise known as a perfect lunch – before heading back to Zurich.

As you can see in the pictures, we would have been sad if we had stayed in Zurich fearing the rain. A relaxing train ride back and we were back in the hotel for a little rest before the storms arrived — and they did arrive!

We decided we could use a little rest and then enjoyed watching the people scurrying in the pouring rain from our window. Later, we went down to the hotel restaurant and had a couple of drinks. The restaurant is their fancy restaurant, with fancy prices that we were not going to partake in. The bartender insisted on bringing us a little bite to go with our drinks – marinated octopus, cucumber and fresh dill. La de dah, we still didn’t go for dinner, but it was very nice of him.

Afterwards, all that fresh air caught up with us, so it was time for a good night’s sleep. Tomorrow is another day.

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5 Responses to Day 4 – Day trip to Rapperswil and Schaffhausen

  1. Donna M. says:

    Looks like an amazing trip so far. This group of pictures .. wow!


  2. mcadoryj1 says:

    The buildings are beautiful…do most of the people live here or is it tourist season. Hope your back is feeling better Tom!!

    Liked by 1 person

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