Day 25 – St. Moritz Lake and a little rest

We woke up to another beautiful morning. It looks like a nice day to enjoy some sunshine before the afternoon rain comes along.

We cleaned up and went down for breakfast. The breakfast room looks like it was a dining room of a restaurant at one time. They have a nice variety of food for breakfast and there always seems to be plenty no matter what time you arrive.

I love the fresh breads with jam or cheese each morning, along with my orange juice. I’m the simple one; they also have Sue’s yogurt, various fresh fruits, meats, cereals, eggs, sausage, bacon, pastries and juices. If you can’t find something you like, you are not trying.

Anyways, after breakfast we went out for a walk down by the lake. The lake is basically two levels down from where we are located. The ritzy hotels either have rooms that face the lake or have rooms high enough to view the lake over other buildings.

At $650 a night, those better be great views

If you are just one of the little people, St. Moritz has you covered. They have installed escalators to take you down to the lake level from the town center level. If escalators are a problem for you, the also have an inclinator, which is basically an elevator that goes up and down at an angle.

The Inclinator to the lake

We walked around the lake for a bit then headed back the other direction. A complete lap of the lake takes about an hour and a half. The fresh air was great and was cool enough in the morning to be refreshing.


St. Moritz is about a mile above sea level and I can really feel it. After a bit of activity I find myself having to catch my breath. I may not be an athlete, but I’m not that out of shape – jeesh!

After walking and taking some pictures, we headed back to the hotel.

The Palace Hotel

Having money doesn’t mean you have good taste

For the first time, I had to admit I was in pain and needed to rest my back for a while. It felt good to just be lazy today. We’ve been on the go for four weeks already and tomorrow we’ll be on the move again.

While catching up on things and reading, we could hear the rumbling of thunder in the distance. The skies darkened with clouds and before you knew it, the rain arrived. It rained pretty hard for a while with a couple flashes of lightning and some thunder.

We had 7:00 pm dinner reservations and we were hoping there would be a break so we wouldn’t get drenched. Luckily, there was a break in the rain as we were getting ready to go. The surprising thing was the temperature dropped over ten degrees after the rain passed through and it was actually chilly out.

We ate dinner at a restaurant called ‘Acla’ located in the Hotel Schweizerhof. The food was very good and it was busy. Sue had a pasta dish, similar to tortellini, that was cooked in a sage butter sauce and I had lamb chops. We both went with a salad to start to keep the meal a little lighter… and to save room for the tiramisu.

A quick walk to an ATM to save some time in the morning and then a quick walk back to the hotel finished off our day. A little bit of packing and then an early night as we need to get up early tomorrow for our train.

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    What a wonderful post showing beautiful photos! Thank You.

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