Day 24 – Sunny day in St. Moritz

After last evening’s rain, we woke up to a sunny day with blues skies and just a few puffy white clouds. I see some walking in our future.

We went down to breakfast and then stopped by the front desk to ask about a travel pass that was mentioned at check-in. The woman quickly took care of the passes for us and then went on to tell us how to use them. It turns out they not only provide us with free bus rides, but also cover the cost of funiculars and cable cars.

We asked about places she might recommend and she ended up giving us some suggestions and maps to get us there. She was extremely friendly and helpful. If not for her, we would have just wandered around the town close to the hotel.

Her primary suggestion was to visit the ski area at Corviglia or maybe the mountain peak Piz Nair. So off we went.

Our day’s adventure started with a short walk over to the first step, a funicular from St. Moritz up to Chanterella. At Chanterella, we changed to another funicular to go up to Corviglia. Once up at Corviglia, you transfer to a cable car that takes you to the peak – Piz Nair.

At Corviglia, there is a restaurant / lounge for a bite to eat or a drink while taking in the views. It’s also the starting point for many hikers and mountain bikers.

Next came a ride to the peak on the cable car. It moves swiftly, yet smoothly so you don’t really realize how high up you’re going until you get there. The scenery was beautiful all the way up. We even passed by a group of hikers that didn’t look like they were on the beginner’s path.

No handrails, no steps – no way!

When you arrive at the top, there is a walkway that lets you see the surroundings from every angle. The peak mascot is immortalized with a statue overlooking the peaks and valley below. The views were amazing.

After being dazzled by the views and refreshed by the Prosecco, we headed back down to town. They really make it easy for tourists or hikers to move around and I’m sure in the winter, the skiers find it just as convenient.

The area we are in has a small concentration of hotels, as well as shops and restaurants. We walked around doing some window shopping and located our restaurant for later in the evening. Knowing that we would be eating in a short time, we bravely walked past the gelato shop without even shaking.

A quick clean up at the hotel and we were on our way back to the restaurant. Having scoped it out, it literally took about seven minutes to walk over. The restaurant is called ‘Dal Mulin’ and has been recommended and praised, so we were anxious to try it out.

We were greeted warmly when we arrived and given a nice table in the front. No tourist table by the bathroom. Yay! The restaurant filled up quickly with mostly locals or people who spoke German very well.

We started with a glass of champagne to celebrate being in St. Moritz before ordering. Everything on the menu looked good, but we were both ready for some fish since we’ve been eating lots of meat along the way. Sue had a clear tomato broth with mozzarella-filled ravioli and I had the gazpacho to start – both were very good. For our mains, we both went with the turbot accompanied by gnocchi and an aubergine mix. It was delicious! We paired our meals with a bottle of Swiss Chardonnay from the Lavaux region that was very nice.

The outside of Dal Mulin

The inside of Dal Mulin

The yummy side of Dal Mulin

It was a beautiful evening, so we took an arm-in-arm stroll back to the hotel. I know it’s off-season, but the streets were empty as if they were just for us.

Arriving back at the hotel, we stopped for a nightcap before heading up to the room. It was a great day and St. Moritz is very pleasant so far.

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  1. travelingjan says:

    So, did you decide to take up Mountain hiking or biking ? When in Switzerland…..
    Views are amazing!

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