Day 23 – St. Moritz via the Glacier Express

Zermatt was delightful, but now it’s time to head to St. Moritz. Our vacation time is disappearing faster than a bottle of Rosé on a sunny day.

Woke up this morning to beautiful clear, blue skies. We looked out the window and enjoyed the best view of the Matterhorn since our arrival.

Went downstairs to check-out and get a ride to the train station. Our driver was the hotel owner and he was very happy with our comments about the hotel and our stay in Zermatt.

When we arrived, the train was already at the platform. We are traveling on the ‘Glacier Express’ – another of the panoramic trains. This one is also called ‘The Slowest Express Train in Switzerland’. To enjoy the scenery all along the route, the train travels slowly across its 290 km (180 mi) journey, taking approximately 8 hours to get from Zermatt to St Moritz.

Along the way, the train travels through 91 tunnels and crosses 291 bridges, including many old stone bridges and aqueducts. It’s not a flat landscape either. We started off at Zermatt at an elevation of 5,263 ft, then head down to Brig at 2,202 ft before reaching the top of the Oberland Pass at 6,670 ft. From there, we once again descend down to as low as 1,919 ft before climbing back up to St. Moritz at 5,824 ft. Expect a little ear-popping along the way.

As it is a long journey, there is meal service available as well as a panoramic bar car. The food and beverage service was excellent as was the food itself.

Glacier Salads

Our seat mates for the journey were a wonderful couple from Capetown, South Africa – Janet and Frank. We really enjoyed chatting and over an eight hour period shared quite a few laughs. They own a mountain coaster in Capetown called ‘Cool Runnings’ and are frequent travelers. It was very nice meeting them.

My only criticism is that with the panoramic windows, it’s best to just sit back and enjoy the view because taking pictures with the glare is frustrating. Below are a few pictures that we did take, but keep in mind that they are through the windows.

After a long, but delightful train journey, we arrived in St. Moritz. We bid goodbye to Janet and Frank and then looked for the shuttle that the hotel provided for us. The driver was there and waiting for us.

We are staying at the Hotel Steffani, located right in the center of St. Moritz. It is an old -school, family-owned luxury hotel that opened in the 1890’s. They have recently gone through a renovation and the hotel is just what we wanted.

Our room was ready when we arrived and we received a complimentary upgrade. The room decor is very alpine with light wood trimming just about everything. There is a nice big bed, a desk area, good-sized sink area and a large walk-in shower, plus a soaking tub. We have a large balcony with two chairs and two doors to provide access. We were quite happy with the room.

While checking in, we made reservations to eat at the hotel restaurant – ‘La Lapin Bleu’ at 7:30 to give us a chance to put our feet up and relax.

We opened up the doors to the balcony for a combination of fresh air and to let in the music. We happen to be here during the ‘Festival Da Jazz’ and one of the outdoor stages is nearby. It was delightful way to relax.

As the time neared for dinner, we cleaned up and made our way down to the restaurant. We had a very friendly and patient waiter who guided us along with our German-ish language skills. We had a delicious meal and an excellent bottle of wine to pair with it.

Afterwards, we headed up to the room. I was tired and fell asleep instantly while ‘resting my eyes’.

Oh… Happy 4th of July to our friends back in the US !

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  1. travelingjan says:

    Scenery looks beautiful, despite any window glare. Settle in and I’ll follow you through St Moritz.

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