Day 27 – Lugano – Life around the piazzas

Woke up to bright sunshine streaming into the room; looks like another beautiful day ahead. Cleaned up and went down for breakfast in a room that looks like it would have previously been a restaurant or ballroom.

Many choices to select from on the buffet, including breads, pastries, meats, cheeses, cereals, yogurts, eggs, juices and much more. I have to say, they are not chintzy.

We enjoyed our breakfasts and then ran back up to the room to grab our camera and splash on some sunscreen. The maid had already made up our room, so we didn’t have to hurry and ended up checking emails and restaurants before heading out.

When we did go out, we walked right next door from our hotel to the church. Not just any church mind you – Chiesa Santa Maria degli Angioli (Church of St. Mary of the Angels) dates back to 1499 when it was part of the lakefront monastery.

Inside are Lugano’s best frescoes, including ‘The Passion and Crucifixion of Christ’ by Bernardino Luini, who was a disciple of Leonardo DaVinci. It is the finest Renaissance fresco in Switzerland – taking up most of the wall between the nave and the altar and stunningly depicting Biblical stories with over 150 faces and figures. Luini spent ten years working on this, applying paint over thin layers of wet plaster.

The other fresco, also painted by Luini, is his version of ‘The Last Supper’. It was originally painted on a wall of the monks’ dining hall and was then removed and put on canvas to be displayed here.

The frescoes are an interesting lead-in to seeing DaVinci’s ‘The Last Supper’ when we get to Milan. It will be fun to compare and contrast the two artworks.

After leaving the church, we took a walk along the Main Street by the lake. Lugano has such a laid back, chill attitude that we walked along without a thought of anything but the serenity of the lake.

It was warm and getting warmer as we walked, so we found a nice shady spot in a piazza and ordered a bottle of Rosé and a bottle of water. It was so nice to just watch the activity on the lake as well as to do some people-watching while relaxing.

Someone had mentioned about how clean things were and here is part of the reason. Messy tourists and falling leaves ? No problem !

We decided while sitting there to just do a light, early dinner at one of the restaurants in the Piazza della Reforma. We walked over and found a place that looked good – Ristorante Pizzeria Federale.

Some bruschetta, a Caprese salad and a Quattro Stagioni pizza made for a great meal. A bottle of Chianti and two tiramisu rounded out the meal. Our waiter was terrific. We ordered in Italian, got exactly what we thought we ordered and enjoyed a bit of banter with our waiter. In my book, that’s a perfect evening.

We walked back to the hotel, cleaned up a bit and then enjoyed a relaxing evening talking about the highlights of the trip while enjoying the Swiss Jazz radio station.

Hard to believe that tomorrow is our last day in Switzerland before heading to Milan.

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  1. travelingjan says:

    ..sounds like a chilled out day, with some art & wine ..and more beautiful scenery. Adieu to Switzerland, and hello to Italy. Milan awaits….

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