Day 28 – Lugano – Oggi non abbiamo fatto niente

Today we did nothing – and enjoyed it immensely. After traveling around and seeing so many incredible sights, we decided that today we would just soak up the beauty of Lugano.

After breakfast, we checked out the lounge / bar area and then the small historical exhibit that they had in the hotel.

Our hotel is really nice and has been in the Schmid family for over 100 years. They have done a great job of maintaining the luster throughout that time. I had photos of our room and the breakfast room, so here are a few of the lounge.

The exhibit was of various documents and objects from the hotel’s history. Funny to see historical items that I remember as a kid. I must be old!

A little later in the afternoon, we took a walk along the lake and happened to find a Gelateria – lucky us! Two scoops of pistachio for Sue and one scoop of chocolate and one scoop of banana for me were perfect to mute the heat a bit.

Death defying – chocolate with a white shirt

Once we finished, we found a park bench and did some lake and people watching.

Junior sail club?

My new friend – bob!

Here come the clouds

It started to cloud up a bit and there were a few raindrops from a passing clouds, but the predicted storms never arrived. We have been so lucky with the weather over the course of the trip.

Later, we cleaned up for dinner and went back to the restaurant from the first night – Ristorante Galleria. I have to do just a little bit of bragging. From the time we arrived until we were leaving, ninety-five percent of the conversation was in Italian. Our waiters were extremely patient, extremely helpful and very respectful besides being great waiters. I tip my hat to them- they made us feel like we were regulars.

Spinach gnocchi

Branzino with roasted vegetables

We took a slow stroll back to the hotel enjoying the evening air on our last night in Lugano.

We checked with the front desk at the hotel about getting a cab in the morning before we retired for the evening.

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